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Client: miShare

miShare: The NYC-based startup launched its handheld personal publishing gadget for sharing media—the first device of its kind in the marketplace.


The product’s availability was exclusively on and in Tekserve, New York’s “Original Apple Store.” miShare needed to publicize the product via traditional media outlets to drive traffic to their website for product purchase and also to raise visibility among decision-makers in retail outlets and catalog companies. DJH Marketing Communications, Inc. was tasked with achieving these objectives without additional advertising spend or outside marketing support.


We identified a target market comprised of tech-savvy, affluent male/female suburbanites and urban trendsetters who were in the 25–45-year-old age bracket. The company allotted 25 devices for distribution to influencers and members of the media. These people were often music aficionados, technology/gadget influencers, and individuals from outlets that focused on popular culture, fashion, and current affairs.


DJH secured numerous placements in top-tier media outlets, including Vanity Fair, The New York Times, engadget, Gizmodo, WIRED, CrunchGear, TWICE, CNBC, New York Magazine, and many others. This was achieved via the flawless execution of traditional PR tactics, including demo device shipments and the facilitation of in-person demos in NYC. Over 90% of the initial production run inventory sold from the website was linked directly to the media coverage attained through the efforts of DJH. In addition, The New York Times review garnered the interest of the main buyer for electronics, gifts, and items at Frontgate, the premier high-end home furnishings and lifestyle retailer in the US. The result was that the miShare product was featured in the Frontgate Holiday Catalog, which in turn lead to the product’s placement in the Hammacher Schlemmer and SkyMall catalogs.

Earned Media & Media Relations: Project
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